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Het Nieuwe Werken : nieuwe stijl van vergaderen, brainstormen, leren ..

Geschreven op 17 januari 2013

InnoTab is a must in future meeting and learning environments. InnoTab breaks with the "passive" form and encourages dynamic movement and communication.
innoTab generates progressive meeting forms that promote the desire to contribute, and where the form can be changed rapidly. No long and dull meetings anymore. You keep your energy, because you stay in motion and be alert.
Cooperative Learning is learning in cooperation with others. The CL-method triples your learning outcome, because you share your knowledge with others. InnoTab is ideal for sharing knowledge in groups, because scene changes promote cooperation, inclusion and concentration.
You can position InnoTab in front of you, at your side or behind you. What suits you best at that moment.
InnoTab can be upgraded with a dashboard which extends the depth from 24 cm to 32 cm and enables you to place your tablet and phone in a practical slanting position in front of your work space. And there is room for your cup of coffee of tea. On the side you can fit a compartement with room for a pen, bottle of water, 13" computers, books ...All you need in one place MOBILE !
Check the video, images say more than words. Or convince yourself and ask a InnoTab to try out yourself. Now introduction pirice on the webshop.

InnoTab is a product of FourDesign, a modern Danisch furniture company, who develops furniture concepts for current and future generations. Ergo Comfort is proud to present the innovatieve products of FourDesign.

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